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You have successfully registered a new Domain Name. You've spent time choosing a name for your new domain and you have paid around USD 10 in the annual fee, probably much more if for security reasons you have done a Deluxe or Protected Domain registration. You paid aditional fees for private registration and business registration. You have registered that domain name you've been searching for a long time because: either you want to sell it to someone else, provided you are a Domains Investor, or you plan to have a Professional Websites Designer build a brand new page for your business or personal use. For sure it's going to take some time, weeks or months, untill you can have your domain become an active Website and you start driving traffic to it. Meanwhile you are going to keep your domain parked with your Domain Registrar with a "This domain is coming soon" label and some advertising that brings no profits to you. Why should you wait months to have your domain name indexed by Search Engines and start getting traffic to it?. You can start driving traffic to your Website today and increase your Domain value by taking advantage of the free extras that Centerzero Domains offers together with your Domain Name registration. Build your own blog, host your new startup page (even if you are not a Professional Website designer) and start bringing traffic to your website with little efforts. Think about it: you've spent time and money registering your Domain name, so...why don't you take an extra step to success? Scroll down to see a list of free extras you get with every Domain Name that you register or transfer with Centerzero Domains.

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List of Free Extras that your get with each domain

Each and every Centerzero Domains new domain name registration comes with all you need to get online. The cost of your domain registration includes a set of products to protect your domain name registration - all 100% FREE! | Buy Domain Names Online and Get Free Extras: Domain Forwarding and Masking: Direct any domain name you own to your website: anyone who types that domain name into their browser is taken directly to your website. | Domain Locking: Domain locking prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership and stops anyone from redirecting your nameservers. | Total DNS Control: Manage your domain nameserver (DNS) records and set your email, FTP, sub-domains and website location , all from one control panel. | Change of Registration: Assign your domain name to someone else or change the contacts for your domain online anytime. Requires a fee for domains. | Status Alerts: Monitor the status of your domain and get instant alerts if there's been a change. | Auto Renew Protection: No need to watch expiration dates to make sure you renew on time! Auto renew keeps your domains, hosting, website builders, and other products in your name and under your control. Buy domain names cheap and get Free Extras.

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FREE Privacy for your .com, .biz, .info, .net, .mobi, or .org domain when you register five or more domains at one time. Get FREE Private Registration (a $34.75/yr value for private protection for 5 Domains!) with NO QUANTITY LIMIT! Protect yourself from spam, fraud, stalkers and worse by keeping your name, address, email and phone number private. Private Registration MUST be added to your cart before checkout, in order to qualify for this offer. Search and Register five or more Domains and before your checkout select FREE Privacy.

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Centerzero Domains helps you find the domains that you want to have in your business or activity. Make yourself and your clients proud. Get a name that reflects who you really are, what you stand for and what your business is all about. Order a new-non domain product and get a new 1 yr domain name, transfer or renewal for only $1.99.

We are focused in serving your domain names registration and renewals needs. We also provide poweful WEB Design tools and hosting plans from basic to premium. We have several e-marketing and e-business tools to help you run your dotcom business in a safely and efficient way. Our commitment is to give you the best price/performance ratio keeping our Products Quality and Customer Service standards to a maximum.

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