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Centerzero Cheap Domains Email Marketing Help

Email Marketing Help - Customize your marketing campaign

Set up a marketing campaign - Overview of campaign groups

Emal Marketing helps you organize your campaigns. If you have multiple campaigns with similar content, or want to combine your campaigns by when they were sent, just group them together! A group reduces the number of pages you might need to scroll through to find an old campaign and allows you to select and work with similar campaigns, quickly.

Email Marketing Help

Email Marketing demo: See and explore Email Marketing
Set up a campaign: Set up your first campaign
Customize campaign: See all the cool ways you can customize your marketing campaign
Advanced campaign settings: Advanced email marketing tips and tricks
All about images: Set your email marketing campaigns apart with images
Add-on features and social media: Explore the Email Marketing add-ons and social media plugins.
All about analytics: Google Analytics add-on tips and tricks for exploring campaign analytics and statistics
Troubleshooting: Email Marketing troubleshooting information

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