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Linux Hosting Guided Tour | Your account Dashboard - WordPress - cPanel

Linux Hosting Guided Tour
Welcome! Check out our tour of your account Dashboard, WordPress, and cPanel.
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cPanel Linux Hosting Help Tips | Cheap Domains Center

  • What's in the Dashboard? The Dashboard is where you do account-related tasks like upgrading your account to a higher tier, or finding connection info for your server. A couple of the most important things you can do from this Dashboard are:
  • Adding more domain names to the account: All our Linux Hosting plans (except Economy) support multiple websites and domains. When you're ready to add more sites and domains, in the Websites section (just below your primary domain name), select Add Website.
  • Start using WordPress: If you installed WordPress during setup (like most of our customers) and you just can't wait to get started, in the Websites section select Admin. We'll take you right into WordPress—no login necessary!
  • What's in the Action Center? Just below the Websites section you'll find the Action Center. This is where to find links to helpful support articles, new software version info and more. We'll update the Action Center every month.
  • Other tabs for more advanced work: At the top of the Dashboard, just above your primary domain name, you'll see a few tabs.
  • The tasks you can find in these tabs are for more advanced work, such as working with your database, moving files around in the account, or adding more FTP users to your account.
  • Linux Hosting Guided Tour Part 2: WordPress
  • The next stop on our Guided Tour of your new Linux Hosting account is a visit to WordPress, which you installed during account setup. If you didn't install WordPress, no worries—we'll show you how to do that at the end of the tour.
  • What can you do in the WordPress Dashboard? Everything! The WordPress Dashboard is where you build your entire website, including:
  • Editing content on any page in the site
  • Adding pages, posts, and media to the site
  • Selecting themes and templates
  • Viewing and managing visitor comments
  • Activating or deactivating plugins
  • Learning about WordPress news
  • Editing your WordPress user profile

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Browse most-visited Linux Hosting articles: A round-up of the most-visited articles for Linux Hosting with cPanel. Use it as your guide—from the basic steps of setting up your hosting and uploading content, right through more advanced topics like database management and changing PHP settings.

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