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Centerzero Cheap Domains Account Management Help

Account Management Help - Managing your account

Set up your account and profile - open your products - see your receipts

Frequently asked questions and detailed information on your Centerzero Cheap Domains account. How to create a new account without purchasing any products - for example, you've been invited to access an account and you need your own account to accept that invitation.

Account Management Help

Explore my account: Set up your account and profile, open your products, see your receipts
Renew my products and services: Manually or automatically pay for your product subscriptions
Work with delegates: Invite others to access the products in your account, or request access to other accounts
Keep my account secure: Change or reset your account password, and enhance security with two-step verification
Set up my payment methods: Add, change, and update credit cards, bank accounts, and other payment information
Know your privacy rights: Learn more about how we keep your account info private
Troubleshooting: Check here for help with common issues
Contact Support: Find your Support PIN or customer number, then call us for more help

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